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The goals of the team game World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

What led to the release of their next expansion World of Warcraft: Shadowlands? Blizzard hit the information circuit hard. The Kaivax community Manager has posted some information about the PvP rewards and what the intentions behind the pvp gearing Shadowland design are, which will be launched in beta this week.

  • Kaivax described two goals that the team set for itself when it came to getting equipment for PvP and from suppliers:
  • Give players more direct control over their gears by Spending earned gains on PvP sellers, with an affordable cap and a catch-up system.
  • Allow the Great vault to complement the PvP transfer for ranked players, with a reward track that is closely linked to other organized endgame events (mythical Keystone dungeons, raids).

    With these changes, it seems that they are looking at rewarding players through rating pvp at a higher rate, which is also aimed at benefiting players who are extremely active in rating activities, since the honor for rating activities is not limited.In addition to this post, the team also released several Lo-Fi remixes of the Shadowlands soundtrack. Players can also find images available for download as Wallpaper. Most likely, you may also be interested in a preview of the latest professions.

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