The Gameforge team has delved into the differences between the two closed beta tests of the upcoming Swords of Legends Online.

So, yesterday in the thread, the Gameforge team delved into the differences between the two closed beta tests of the upcoming MMORPG Swords of Legends Online. Two tests, one of which ended last week and the other will begin today, June 1, will allow players to jump into the upcoming MMO and test its content before the official launch this summer.

SOLO streams have been a rich source of information before, as the team has delved into the specific mechanics of each class, showcased their class areas, and even completely broken down their game store. Yesterday, the stream, which began at noon Pacific Time/3 p.m. Eastern Time, reviewed the changes that players can expect to see in the upcoming beta test, which is scheduled to air today, June 1. Tune in and watch as game designer “Atmorph “and community manager” Phaendar ” discuss the changelog for the upcoming second beta phase. Next to some small adjustments and a first look at the partial voice acting, there might even be a little surprise about the upcoming events! In addition, some final beta keys will be issued to give a few lucky ones the chance to experience these changes first-hand.

The next beta version of Swords of Legends Online will go live today, and a pre-download is available now. For those who participated in the closed beta last week, you should also have access to this round to pick up where you left off when the first test closed. If you were unable to participate, today’s broadcast may be your chance to get the code, as the Gameforge team will distribute them live during the presentation. You can watch the broadcast today on the official Twitch channel, as well as on their YouTube and Steam pages.

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