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The Frontier update which detailed a list of bug fixes for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey players.

Yesterday, the Frontier update was released, which detailed a list of bug fixes for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey players when they try to fix problems encountered in the expansion.

This comprehensive list of fixes targets everything from mission signals that don’t play when they should, to improved VFX of dust on the planet’s surface. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey has run into a lot of problems since launching on May 19, and the team has been working hard to fix the ship. This update, in addition to the various fixes released by the team since its launch, takes a step in that direction, although it doesn’t completely fix the issues reported by players, in particular by completely stabilizing performance. However, as part of the update, the team has enabled “telemetry” to help fix performance in future updates.

“We continue to investigate your concerns about Odyssey’s performance, user interface, and planetary technology, and will share information with you as soon as we have it. In terms of performance, we would also like to point out that today’s update includes additional telemetry that will allow us to better understand the performance issues faced by players, which in turn will help us shape our current roadmap.”

And if you haven’t jumped into Odyssey yourself, players have been complaining about performance issues, especially at the station or roaming settlements, since Alpha last month. These performance issues compound a host of other issues that Odyssey faces, from the lack of NPCs on the stations to problems with instantiation, and more. The problems were so widespread that Frontier’s CEO apologized to players for the state of Odyssey’s launch.

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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey allows players to disembark on foot from their ships for the first time since launching in 2014. Players can land on planets and leave their ships while walking through the various settlements that dot the many astronomical bodies in the Milky Way galaxy, as well as complete walking missions ranging from destroying settlements to an intergalactic helper. Players can also explore the biodiversity of space thanks to the new Exobiology gameplay introduced in Odyssey.

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