The following Anthem’s update: loot issues

anthem javelin

Anthem’s main manager, Jesse Anderson, has announced that changes coming in the game’s April 8 update that will influence drop rates and Elysian Caches.

The update, planned to be released on Monday, will seemingly “greatly reduce” the possibility of Javelin components dropping for builds that players aren’t using.

Anderson, also mentioned that the changes will also make it possible to loot from Elysian Caches “show up immediately after a Stronghold finishes,” and also fixing problems with the empty news feed.

When putting emphasis on how much the drop rates for untouched Javelin parts will be minimized by, Anderson said that “it should be very rare now, if you’re playing Storm you should almost always get Storm components or Universal components.”

He gave an explanation of how that this should have been the case earlier, but there was a bug that was forcing all the details to drop for Javelin‘s players weren’t using.

In the news, connected to that situation, Bioware was criticized following a Kotaku revelation on Anthem’s issues with progress.

It was also made clear that the flying mechanic wasn’t planned to be added to the game, but it was to make an impression on ex-head of EA studios, Patrick Soderlund.

Anthem’s last patch inclided Elysian Caches, and Legendary Missions to the game, but it asks for a huge reintroduction of bolstered drop rates and yet should be back into the title.

Last month, the community express it’s dissatisfaction, players left the game for a several days, so Bioware has promised to do their best and get the loot system to a point where both devs and players are satisfied with it.

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