The first podcast from Dual Universe developers: behind the scenes

Dual Universe

In march, Dual Universe made a huge noise in MMO-comunity, as it joined the “bigger is better” fray, uploading a video of an event that showed a decent piece of its 30,000 concurrent simulated players and live testers playing around a planetary base. This week’s main event is a new developer podcast studio Novaquark has released to talk about the game; the episode unfolds several topics, especially the 30K-player test and the new studio opened in Montreal; the developers also teased its r0.15 version, which includes graphics upgrades, interface changes, the first version of the skill tree, and the bartering system.

On the meantime, on Friday Novaquark posted more information on the graphics upgrades, touching everything from volumetric clouds to motion blur.

“For starters, we focused on a higher resolution display for the planet textures. In Dual Universe, one gigantic texture is used for Alioth as a whole. We developed proprietary tools to enhance the quality of what players can see. To sum things up, we multiplied the level of detail by 16! The main benefit of this is that objects and landscape in far sight are now rich with detail and far less blurry.”

The game is now in alpha and will probably hit beta in 2020.

You can find the podcast video below:

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