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The first news in the Destiny 2.

A few hours ago, the first news of the year from the “This week at Bungie ” category was released on the official Destiny 2 website. This time, the developers decided to talk about a very interesting reworking of the reputation system with the NPC and related rewards, shared a few more details of the upcoming season 13, as well as plans for balancing the Hunter’s stasis spec.

Features of Season 13:

  • In the “Split Throne” and “Pit of Heresy ” dungeons, the corresponding set of armor will drop out with increased performance indicators
  • Update the weapons of the Moon-the pulse rifle “Premonition (Foreshadowing) will fall only in the dungeon” Pit of Heresy”, the rocket launcher “Heretic (Heretic), the shotgun” Blasphemer (Blasphemer”, the sniper ” Apostate (Apostate)”. The situation is exactly the same as with guns City of dreams: new options in the pool of perks and special drop in the Pit
  • Lost sector exotics of the moon – K1 Logistics, Communication K1, K1 Crew Quarters, K1 Revelation will be included in the daily rotation and the legendary master of the lost sectors.
  • Seth’s Dreambane Class item will no longer drop out of chests.

Reputation with NCPs:

  • PvP and Gambit ranks will be displayed at the respective NPCs-Lord Shax and Wanderer, for raids this feature will be available in future seasons. Also, you can see the rewards for ranks and current progress.
  • For PvP, the list of rewards is as follows: Rank 4 – 3 upgrade modules, Rank 7-3 upgrade cores, Rank 10-shader, Rank 13 – 2 upgrade prisms, Rank 16-seasonal emblem, final reward-the highest shard for improvement.
  • Because of the new system, the crucible signs and special boosters will be completely removed from the game, so it’s worth spending them before the start of season 13. Most likely, the developers will do the same with the signs of the avant-garde when this innovation gets to it.

Stasis Balancing:

  • Whisper of Fissuress-reduced the minimum and maximum damage to players from 42-22 to 30-4. Reduced the minimum and maximum damage to players in the superpower state from 42-22 to 16-2. Reduced the detonation radius against players from 10 to 9 meters.
  • Shatterdive-gave the effect of falling damage to frozen targets, if I understand correctly, the further away from you the enemy is, the less damage he will receive. The maximum attack radius was reduced from 50 to 5. Damage reduction during the use of the ability was reduced from 50% to 25%.

In addition, Bungie shared small long-term plans for PvP balance: they want to balance and” tighten ” the benefits of light specks of each class, as well as, if I understand the translation correctly, the benefits of weapons in general, so that the guards do not rely only on the abilities of a certain speck.

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