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The first big patch for the latest Path of Exile extension.

This is rather the very first big patch for the latest Path of Exile expansion, Expedition, has arrived and which brings with it many quality of life improvements and a significant number of fixes.

Now we have received the first patch notes for the upcoming patch, which makes several improvements to the quality of life, as well as a number of bug fixes. For example, improvements include adding vendor recipes to convert Vaccination Balls into Incendiary Balls. In addition, the Gem Quality of the Divergent Flamethrower Trap Skill no longer increases the Throw Speed by 0-20%. Now it provides an increase in the speed of throwing the trap by 0-20%.

The bug fixes are extensive and include:

  • Fixed a bug where the Remnants did not affect the possibility of dropping an additional card from Runic Monsters or Excavated Chests.
  • Fixed a bug where logs with the implicit modifier ” Area contains Vorana, Last to fall” sometimes could not generate Vorana.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Bear, the Hero, to be classified as a Runic Monster, and as a result, it could be affected by residual modifiers that affect runic monsters.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the mini-bosses of the Expedition Log subzone to be exposed to residue modifiers that are applied to runic monsters.
  • Fixed a bug with the generation of seeds in the NPC stores of the expedition.
  • Fixed an issue where some ancient Kalguran texts could be unavailable.

Path of Exile received an extension 3.15, called Expedition, back on July 23 for PC. Despite the fact that it was launched for Xbox, a problem with the showstopping database delayed the launch of the PlayStation version of Expedition.

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