The final of the Icebrood Saga has been released.

So, the final of the Icebrood Saga has just been released, and along with this latest Chapter of the Guild Wars 2 story, there are patch notes. Namely, a lot of notes about patches.

Also, in addition to the release of the Championships, the patch provides updates for voice frames for No Quarter and Jormag Rising. In addition, two achievements have been added whenever you complete the story chapters of each episode using VO. The patch also affects global polishing in General, with Drizzlewood Coast getting the bulk of the updates.Drizzlewood Coast updates include shortening the time to capture checkpoints when you attack dominion bases in the Battle Cry event. this also reduces the number of enemies needed to win so that you can advance when accompanying allies in attacks on the dominion base.

What additional updates for Drizzlewood Coast include:
a landing site has been added above the iron viewing platform in the Northern half of The drizzlewood coast. One chest from each Keeper of the cache was transported to wolf crossing. These chests will appear after the successful completion of the Battle Cry meta event, and the cache key is still required to open them.
Two guaranteed cache keys have been added to the magnificent chest that appears after the successful completion of the battle Cry meta event.
Patch notes also relate to various professional skills, world vs world, and the black Lion Trading Company gem store. If you missed it, be sure to check out our Champions preview.

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