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The Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker expansion has received a full trailer.

So, the upcoming Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker expansion got a full trailer tonight to kick off the FFXIV digital fanfest. The team also delved into the content of the upcoming expansion in the main program, touching on the second of the new jobs that will appear in the expansion: The Reaper. The two-handed weilding reaper scythe will be the second work to come to Endwalker, bringing another DPS melee role to the MMORPG. The Reaper’s melee armor subclass will be the same as the Dragoon’s. Reaper will not require another class to upgrade to FFXIV Reaper, rather you will need to have an Endwalker extension with at least one level 70 task. And producer Naoki Yoshida claims that the Reaper class originated from a desire to create something unique and something that FFXIV players had not seen before in this work.

Additionally, the Square Enix team has launched a leitmotif with a full extended Endwalker trailer, giving a broader view of some of the plot bits leading up to the upcoming expansion. You can check out the full trailer below. Keep in mind – heavy spoilers in the trailer!
The team then announced a new hub city player in Endwalker, the Old Charlayan. The port city has a majestic view, with towering statues in the harbor pouring water back into the sea. Old Charlayan, according to Yoshi-P, will function as a city center, just like the Crystal Garden in Shadow Bearers. The city is designated as a city of knowledge and scholars, although it doesn’t like “playing nice games with the rest of the world”. “The main theme is a little touched upon, and Michael Christopher “Koji” Fox stated that the lyrics for this theme were written in 3 days!

Also, Endlwalker will include massive new areas, just like every expansion before it, with the team showcasing the Labyrinthos, an underground area that features a dome and an artificial sun. The FFXIV theme also showcased the Tawnair and Radz-At-Khan regions, showing a breadth of color and interesting architecture that FFXIV didn’t have before.

The team also touched on the Mare Lamentorum, or the area that players will explore on the Moon. Obviously, the Moon has air and gravity, something that expansion will quickly explain. Has the moon given shelter to anyone? FFXIV will get the Mage Sisters that emerged from FFIV, although Yoshi-P stresses that they will be very different from what we saw in the first game. The team also demonstrated the loporrites, playing “a very important role in the store.” These characters will be found in Mare Lamentorum, on the Moon. The upcoming Alliance raid in 6x content will focus on the Twelve, the Esorean pantheon in the Kingdom’s Myths. This is a completely original story with no crossover, the team emphasizes.

Final Fantasy 14 also gave a very brief walkthrough of the various dungeons you’ll experience in the Endwalker storyline, complete with a trailer. FFXIV Endwalker will also receive a collector’s edition, complete with an Azem pin, an art collection and frame set, a paladin statue, a Loporrit mini plush, and more. In addition to the physical items in the limited edition Endwalker Collector’s edition, you’ll also get some digital items, including the majestic Mount Arion. Also included will be a clockwork Minion Poroma and a Scythe of Death. PSA-Starting with Endwalker, there will no longer be physical disks on the PC. According to Yoshi-P, 85% of their Shadowbringers customers have bought the extension digitally, so with Endwalker they are completely abandoning the disks.

Players who have made a pre-order will also receive some special items, such as a Poroma minion, an earring, and access to the Endwalker Early Access, which will take place on November 19. The male version of Viera is also arriving at FFXIV, listening to player feedback, and the team plans to add a female Hrothgar later. Oceania players from Final Fantasy XIV can also start looking to the future, as the team opens a new Oceania server to better serve their players in the region.

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