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The fame system in WoW goes until October – when will new content come?

The system of fame in World of Warcraft is not popular with all gamers. It will take until the end of October for the players to finish it.

For many players, World of Warcraft is out of breath. Patch 9.1 was able to keep you happy for a while, but in the meantime many players have played through the raid Sanctum of Domination and also coaxed all secrets from Korthia. But it still takes quite a while for characters to really reach their maximum strength, because only towards the end of October will it be possible to bring the fame level to level 80.

Why is the fame level important? Although the biggest unlocks were pending quite early in the fame system, the strength of the players continues to grow up to fame level 80. This is because between level 60 and 80 the various soul bonds of the pacts are further upgraded. Row by row, their media slots are improved so that they are a few levels above the actual maximum.

The fame system can especially help players who are just about to nibble on the heroic or mythical raid. Since the character gets a little better every week, without any new equipment, fame can help you overcome the current challenges.

Until when does the fame system last? The maximum of fame, i.e. level 80, can be earned on October 20, 2021 at the earliest. This Wednesday is the last time you need to collect 1,000 anima and complete the weekly quest on Korthia. This is because you can currently only earn 2 instead of 3 levels of fame per week, as the covenant campaign has come to an end.

On the other hand, this also means: If you don’t feel like unlocking your fame piece by piece, you simply wait until October 20th and then start again with WoW to unlock all fame levels in one go. Thanks to the catch-up mechanism, it is comparatively easy to catch up to the current maximum via dungeons, Torghast and other game content.

Nothing new to come by then? That remains to be seen, because it is quite possible that Blizzard will release at least the small interim patch 9.1.5 by October. This is unlikely to bring any major new content with it, but it could bring a few little things or warm up old content. So it would be about time to activate the “Timewalking Legion” or to bring the Brawler’s Guild in Orgrimmar and Stormwind back to life.

We will surely find out in the next few weeks what Blizzard has been considering for patch 9.1.5, because the update should be on the PTR soon. After all, the developers have already announced that there will soon be new customization options for some Allied Races, including the Lightforged Draenei, Nightborne and Void Elves.

However, it is quite conceivable that Patch 9.1.5 will appear before the maximum fame has been reached. Will you stay true to World of Warcraft even in the upcoming content drought? Or do you put Shadowlands aside for a few months and devote yourself to other games until there is more to do?

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