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The Explorer’s Celebration returns in Elder Scrolls Online.

I want to tell you that the celebration of the Explorer returns to Elder Scrolls Online and is your chance to double XP, drop additional resource nodes and gold in any zone. The celebration of the Conductor will last until May 20 at 10a eastern time. Until then, you’ll be rewarded for several in-game actions, including:

  • Increased yield from harvest nodes (not fishing!)
  • Double XP gain from each source
  • This adds up to other XP boosts, such as scrolls or group multipliers.
  • Double gold earned for killing monsters, quest rewards, and similar sources.

But keep in mind that these bonuses will be available in any zone in Elder Scrolls Online. This means that if you’re currently focused on leveling up for the upcoming Blackwood chapter in June, this event might be worth a look. In addition, ZOS notes that This Explorer’s Celebration will not issue any event tickets for redemption, as it does not have its own share of unique quests, achievements, or collectibles. This is purely an event of XP for Champion Points, yield, and gold. Finally, the impresario will not be available during this event.

Also, the Elder Scrolls Online team recently revealed the portals of oblivion as part of their latest community update. Blackwood Zone host Jason Barnes and encounter designer Brad Hoppenstein shared the following.

– Oblivion Portals appear in the Western, Northern, and Southern regions of Blackwood. Each region of the portal of Oblivion will generate two active portals, six in total, which players must discover as they travel through the zone.

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