The expedition will arrive on the PC on July 23 after the teaser.

Well, Grinding Gear games have shared information about the item filter and the Passive Tree ahead of the expansion of the expedition 3.15. The expedition should arrive on the PC on July 23 after the teaser.

The expedition will see players join the Kalguran Expedition, where players will be tasked with unearthing relics as you make deals with some new merchants in Wraeclast. In addition,players will lay explosives in the ground, which you can detonate. But as soon as this explosive explodes, all sorts of monsters will pour out.

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However, in the run-up to this release, GGG provided information about the changes being made to the Passive Tree, in addition to the element filtering functions. For the latter, you can select element classes by category, but only if there is one category for this class. This will make the filter “backward compatible”.GGG lists other changes, for example, changes in modified base types:

  • One One Hand Sword Strike item class changed to “One Hand Sword “
  • “Blessed Boots” renamed to ” Runaway Boots”
  • The “Diamond Flask” item class is now “Service Flasks” instead of “Service Flask”. “
  • The Smaller Poison Support is now called the Ability to Poison Support.
  • Poison support is now called Critical Strike Support.

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