The Lord of Wolves exotic shotgun ruins Destiny 2 gameplay

The Lord of Wolves exotic shotgun ruins Destiny 2 gameplay, will there be a solution?

destiny 2 Lord of Wolves

There are many complaints from Destiny 2 fans that the game’s PvP experience is ruined, thanks to the Lord of Wolves exotic shotgun. The exotic, which was recently updated, has resulted in a weapon that has an incredibly fast time to kill, insane range, and generous ammo. And now the game’s developer, Bungie, has responded to the numerous complaints about the weapon.

What Will Bungie Decide?

They admitted that “the most recent changes to Lord of Wolves created a monster” and the team is looking to reduce the damage resistance later this year. Right now, however, the issue “didn’t rise up to meet the bar of ‘this is broken enough to turn it off in all activities'”.

“Sometimes, Destiny is going to have goofy outliers, or periods of time where something is OP (like the Wolves howling right now in IB on PC),”  creative director Luke Smith said. “We don’t want these periods to last too long (post-Forsaken launch Voidlocks), but they can be memorable moments.”

“Internally, we had a bunch of spirited debate this week around whether or not we should just prevent players from equipping Lord of Wolves throughout the game. This is a blunt tool, and basically banning an item from being equipped isn’t something we take lightly.”

Since Bungie sees the problem, hopefully, the issue will be fixed. In the meantime, many players are hoping for some kind of quick solution with some suggesting that the weapon be disabled in PvP like Trials of Osiris Flawless or even giving everyone the weapon like Bungie did when the Prometheus Lens exotic was broken. But before Bungie decides and does something, players will have to live with the Lord of Wolves running rampant in PvP.

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