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The Elder Scrolls Online servers ran into some issues.

Well, on the last day, the PlayStation The Elder Scrolls Online servers ran into some issues, and while they’re back right now, game director Matt Firor has issued a statement to discuss the issue and how they’re implementing compensation for affected players.

So, the MMO went down yesterday after a server maintenance that caused other megaservers to come back online in time, while the PlayStation realm was affected by an issue directly related to the platform. Yesterday, it seemed that a fix could be in as little as 48 hours. While we didn’t really know what caused the problems yesterday, the servers were down for quite some time, which caused many players to express their displeasure yesterday.

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Well, all the servers are restored with the fix in place, studio director Matt Firor released a statement explaining what is happening to those fans who were affected, as well as how they plan to do everything right for those who were unable to jump into Tamriel on the last day.

First, the issue itself was caused by a service issue between ESO and the PSN platform and was entirely our fault, ” Firor said in a statement. He continues: “Since this was an issue between the ESO game and the PSN service, our solution was to rebuild the ESO patch, test it, and submit it for re-certification. This process takes time, and this is where the initial estimate of 24-48 hours came from.However, with the critical help of our PSN partners, we came up with a much faster solution – to modify the service itself. After that, it only took a service update and a restart, and after testing and verifying, we were back in business very late at night by US East Coast time, and when I type this, everything works fine.”

Firor also apologized for the downtime, thanking the community for their patience with the team at ZOS throughout the trial. As for the players ‘ compensation, the current Anniversary event was extended until April 15. PlayStation specific players will see a daily login reward that will give players logged in on Day 7 five 150% experience boost scrolls to make up for lost time. Additionally, the Day 8 reward will give players an Islade Wold puppy to ensure that players on the platform don’t miss out on the reward due to downtime. Finally, the initial rewards for these days will be moved to a later date this month so that they won’t be missed either, according to Firor.

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