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The Elder Scrolls Online Begins to Unlock Characters for Flames of Ambition.

So, we’re getting closer to the upcoming March release of The Flames of Ambition DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online, where the ZeniMax team begins to pull back the veil of some characters, starting with Dremora, Lyranth.

Flame of Ambition launches on PC, Mac and Google Stadia on March 8, and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will see it on March 16.

Well, the Meet The Character post is written from the perspective of a character in the world of Tamriel, detailing information about the new character, Lyranth. Lyrant is a character you may encounter in the Cauldron, one of the two dungeons that make up the Flame of Ambition update that opens this year’s Gates of Oblivion storyline.

But Lyrant, who is also called the “Lady of Terror,” is “A Slumber of great Guile and Cunning,” according to a letter to the Post. She also seems to deal with rather fatal and wild mood swings, as described by Rogatus Cinna, the prophet of the Terrible Lady.

“Well, my Dreadful Lady is somewhat dangerous. I can’t deny it. I saw her break a mortal’s neck, but he made the mistake of sneezing as he passed her. She hates such mortal weaknesses as normal bodily functions. From what I’ve seen, she’s twitching. But evil? Who are we to label the moral behavior of beings who are superior to us? I saw Lirant bend down to stroke the kitten’s head, and then I saw her turn around and disembowel a Dark Elf in the street just because the mood hit her. Why is there evil? I’ll let you decide.”

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