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The Elder Scrolls 6 will appear after Avowed and the new Fable offshoot

Fans of the Elder Scrolls series will have to wait a while before they can finally play Elder Scrolls VI. Phil Spencer explained this on an IGN podcast. According to Spencer, both Avowed from Obsidian Entertainment and the new Fable offshoot from Playground Games will appear before Elder Scrolls VI.

Phil Spencer, the current Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft, talked a little about future games from Microsoft on IGN’s Unlocked Podcast. With the new Forza, Halo Infinite, and Starfield, the company has some pretty strong stocks in store that we can look forward to in the coming months.

The new Fable offshoot, Avowed, and of course Elder Scrolls VI are also part of Microsoft’s repertoire, but planned releases for these titles are not yet known. Spencer has now confirmed that Obsidian Entertaniment’s new title Avowed will definitely be released before Elder Scrolls VI.

Fable, Avowed, and Elder Scrolls VI are all fantasy RPGs, but they are supposed to play and feel completely different, according to Spencer: “When I think of our line-up and the RPG settings, Avowed will be a fantastic introduction.”

Spencer also stated that the new Fable offshoot of Playground Games will be released before Elder Scrolls VI:

“Fable has always been a little happier and a little bit British. I think Playground Games will stick with that philosophy. Elder Scrolls VI will be a little longer, but when it gets out it will be absolutely awesome.”

Unsurprisingly, Elder Scrolls VI will take some time before players can finally enjoy the title. Bethesda has already confirmed that Starfield is their top priority and the title won’t be released for over a year. At least if there are no further shifts.

Todd Howard also recently stated that Elder Scrolls VI is still in a design phase. So it can be assumed that so far no real work has gone into the title. If you can use Skyrim, which was released in 2011, as a benchmark, the actual development time will probably take several years to complete.

The new Fable title has no release date yet. We actually know next to nothing about the new offshoot, which suggests that it will also need a few more years. Some industry insiders expect a publication in 2023. If this is actually the case, then we will probably not be able to play Elder Scrolls VI until 2024 at the earliest, a release in 2025 or 2026 is also very likely.

This means that Elder Scrolls fans have to wait around 15 years for a new offshoot of the main series, but Bethesda has meanwhile also been working on the mobile game The Elder Scrolls: Blades, which is now also being released for the Nintendo Switch became.

So far, we have hardly received any information about the new Elder Scrolls either, although the title was announced in 2018. However, some fans speculate that the game may be set at Hammerfell.

Asked if Elder Scrolls VI would be exclusive to Xbox consoles, Spencer didn’t give a straight answer. It is not known whether this is because he does not want to annoy fans or whether negotiations are currently underway for an exclusivity.

Hopefully Avowed and the new Fable will be able to entertain Xbox and PC gamers well by the time Elder Scrolls VI is finally released.

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