The Division 2’s Operation Dark Hours is too tough for console players

The Division 2’s Operation Dark Hours raid has turned out to be tough for console players: long hours of struggles

the division 2 operation dark hours

The Division 2’s first eight-player raid, Operation Dark Hours has appeared to be a problem for console players. Simply saying, it takes too long to accomplish this raid on consoles.

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Numbers & Issues

It took 5 hours to complete the raid for PC gamers, while the first PS4 team, which made it to finish on consoles, set the record 36 hours later after launch, and the Xbox One team managed the raid after 17 hours of struggles.

The reason is there’s a huge gulp between keyboards & mouse and gamepad controllers, and in the Operation Dark Hours raid it became too visible. However, the one of people in charge for the primary clear on PS4 stated that the raid can be as easy on consoles as it is on PC.

“People on console need to focus on RAW damage. Headshots damage won’t help us as much when you miss the head,” said Zach Caraway.

“I imagine on the ultimate boss and the primary boss, it’s all about staff coordination. We at all times had individuals up and capturing. Frame charge might be a problem for some on console however the principle factor is simply getting the proper eight guys/women and holding them going. Don’t struggle and argue or it’s going to trigger disarray from [where] individuals must be centered.”

For now, when the raid’s walkthrough is clear, the new record on PC is only 24 minutes, so it’s also not so long for consoles any more.

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