The Division 2 raid and Title Update 3's release in May, Talent changes

The Division 2 raid and Title Update 3 will be released in May instead of April 25, Talent changes

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The Division 2 Title Update 3, including the Operation Dark Hours raid will be launched in May with Talent changes.

Ubisoft Massive reported that Title Update 3 for The Division 2 release has been delayed from April 25 in its latest State of the Game livestream.

As developer said, the extra time will let it properly tune the game with following testing and balancing before the 8-player Operation Dark Hours raid is kicked off.

An ultimate release date of Title Update 3 will depend on these tests’ result.

“We want to make sure that we’ve properly tested the large amount of balance changes that are coming to both PvE and PvP and listen to your feedback about the changes before introducing the raid,” the studio reports.

Announced several days earlier The Public Test Server (PTS) for The Division 2 on PC is now available. The plan to it addition is to arrange the PTS in phases, every of them is required a few days of work with focusing on a specific game part.

The first phase is about to find out bugs and not all balance changes will be seen. After finishing this phase, Massive will fix the build and update you on what the next PTS patch details.

Any PC gamer can launch the PTS through Uplay. Since April 17, PTS users will be testing the updated with Title Update 3 version. Massive mentioned the Operation Dark Hours raid will not be available to test.

The Division 2 PTS changes – Talents

The most of Update 3 can’t be still played on the PTS, but you can testing some of the buffs and nerfs that will appear in existing Talents. Developers also promise a Re-calibration Score instead of an increase to Gear Score and it goes from 1-100. Check out the explanation from Arekkz Gaming in the video below:

There will also be calibration changes to PvP content in Conflict, Normalized Dark Zone and Occupied Dark Zone.

The PvP damage modifier will be decreased from 70% to 40%, which will bring Time to Kill down comparing to PvE and the skill damage modifier will raise to 25%.

Some changes were made to Division 2 Exotics, but Talents have the biggest changes made to it. You can see some of them below:

  • Frenzy (PvE): Reloading from empty grants +20% (previously +35%) weapon damage and +15% (previously +35%) rate of fire for three seconds. Requires four or less defensive attributes. (PvP): Reloading from empty grants +15% weapon damage and +15% Rate of fire for three seconds. Requires four or less defensive attributes.
  • Patience: After being in cover for five seconds (previously three), your armor will repair by 5% every second. This will require nine or more defensive attributes.
  • Berserk: Adds 10% weapon damage for every 20% armor max depleted. It will now require 11 or more offensive attributes. You will also now need and LMG, SMG or Assault rifle equipped.
  • Bloodsucker (PvE): Depleting enemies armor adds a stack of 25% armor bonus for 10 seconds, with a max stack of six.  It will require 11 or more defensive attributes. (PvP): You’ll get a 20% armor bonus for five seconds with a max stack of five. It will require 11 or more defensive attributes.
  • Clutch:  Critical hits restore 20% health and repair 1% armor. While you’re getting a bump in health restoration, repair went down a percentage.
  • Strained: 5% critical hit damage is gained for every 10% of depleted armor. It will also require five or less offensive attributes. Currently, its +10% critical hit damage gained for every 5% of depleted armor so this is another big change.
  • Surgical: The critical hit chance bonus has been reduced to 5% from 8%.
  • Unbreakable (PvE): 70% of max armor is repaired when armor is depleted, and armor kits will not consume within the first seven seconds. This now also requires 11 or more defensive attributes as well as no other active armor talents. (PvP):  20% of max armor is repaired when depleted and armor kits will not consume within the first seven seconds.This now also requires 11 or more defensive attributes.
  • Safeguard: One of the biggest changes made to Talents. With the change, killing a target grants a 50% bonus to repair and healing effects for five seconds and requires four or less offensive attributes. As it stands currently, killing a target grants a 150% bonus to repair and healing effects for 20 seconds.
  • Spike: Headshot kills grant 35% skill damage for 20 seconds and requires five or more utility attributes.
  • Spotter: Talent buffed to dole out a 20% damage increase to pulsed enemies.  Required utility attributes have increased to five.
  • Unhinged: Another Talent with a major change, the damage bonus for Unhinged has been reduced to 20% (previously 25%). Handling is also reduced to 25% (previously 35%).
  • Preservation (PvE): Killing an enemy repairs 10% armor over five seconds, and headshots improve the repair to 20%. Requires seven defense attributes. (PvP): Killing an enemy repairs 5% armor over three seconds and headshots improve repair to 15%. Requires seven defense attributes.
  • Blacksmith: Killing an enemy with your sidearm repairs 50% of your armor once every 15 seconds. It requires 11 defensive attributes.
  • Entrench: Headshots from cover will now increase repair to 10% of your armor.
  • Kneecap: Shooting an enemy in the legs has will now have a  15% chance to apply a bleed.
  • Reformation: Headshot kills increase skill repair and healing by 15%. Requires nine utility attributes.

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