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The Division 2 postpones new update to 2022

After a long silence, there is finally news about The Division 2 again. In a community update, Ubisoft announced that it will postpone the new content it has announced to January 2022.

What was going on at The Division 2? At the beginning of 2021, The Division 2 was actually considered to be as good as “dead”. The last season was over and no new content was announced.

But then Ubisoft surprised with the announcement that new content will very well follow. Even developer Massive himself seemed surprised at the time. Actually, this new content should appear this year.

But it remained suspiciously quiet for a long time, the players have been waiting for news for over half a year. The Seasons were brought back in The Division 2 and the last Season 7 is currently running. Apart from that, there was no information from Ubisoft.

Now there was finally a blog article that brings at least a little clarity and gives a little outlook on how and when it will continue.

New content in February 2022 with game mode and endgame changes

What the developers say: In the blog entry on the official website for The Division 2, the team comments on the current status of the game and what the roadmap looks like.

We are aware that we have been particularly calm in the last few months and thank the fans for the continued support. Since then, they have worked hard on the new content for the game.

What can you expect? In the developer update there is a little preview of the content that should come into play. The new title update will be one of the most ambitious yet.

The following content is planned:

  • A new game mode
  • Extensive changes to the endgame and other features

When should it start? The developers announce that the new content will be released in February 2022. A performance will take place in January.

In addition, the “Player Test Server” (PTS), on which the new content can be tested in advance, should return before the release in February. In the past, the PTS was only available on the PC.

Why is the content being moved? The postponement allows developers to “deliver the best quality for this new content”. Exact reasons are not given.

Monthly developer updates are returning, specializations are being turned inside out

What else do the developers say? In addition to the postponement, it has also been confirmed that the “Intelligence Annex Initiative” is returning. In these monthly updates, the developers provide information on the current status of the game.

The first episode comes on October 28th. This is about the next update, in which the specializations are to be turned inside out. The 7th season will also end in December and there will be a new event in which some of the most popular global events will return. There are also new rewards and a new apparel event in which players can unlock various cosmetic items.

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