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The Division 2 players have been waiting for the promised new content for 5 months

The Division 2 is largely silent. The development of the online shooter was apparently already largely reduced in 2020, but in March 2021 Ubisoft promised: It will still go on. But players have been waiting for news for 5 months, and the brand “The Division” seems to be so important for Ubisoft.

This is how it went for the brand “The Division” in the last 5 years: Part 1 of “The Division” appeared in March 2016 and was welcomed at the beginning, but then sharply criticized. The shooter had atmosphere and a good campaign, but it lacked substance in the endgame and fine-tuning. The Division 1 was marked by bugs and exploits.

But the team made the change and was able to improve The Division 1 exceptionally well over the years. The DLCs in particular were praised. They brought completely new ways to play The Division.

When Massive realized that The Division 1 was a commercial hit, they immediately developed “The Division 2” – which was released in 2019.

Division 2 was enthusiastically received at the beginning, but then the second part of the shooter series was also heavily criticized. But in contrast to The Division 1, there was now no major upheaval. The sales figures were weak – the game was seen by Ubisoft itself as “too close to The Division 1” without improving the basic concept much.

Actually, the development of The Division was already completed with the 2020 expansion “The Warlords of New York”. Because nothing new was announced, it was thought that Massive would now dedicate itself to games like Avatar. But then it was said: New content is coming.

The pandemic and free campaign apparently saved The Division 2

That was the promise: In March 2021, Massive spoke up again. Now it was said: March 2020 had suddenly become the highlight of the game – apparently during the beginning corona pandemic and through a clever advertising coup by Ubisoft, many players had rediscovered The Division 2 for themselves. The Division 2 has never had more players than in March 2020:

  • The players have now been promised that new content for The Division 2 will come, which will be managed by experienced veterans and supported by Ubisoft Bucharest.
  • They will bring a “completely new game mode to The Division”. And give agents new ways to move forward.

New update for The Division 2 not until the end of 2021

That was the problem: However, it was also said that it was still in the “very early phase of development” and that the update was “still several months away”. Players should expect this by the end of 2021. Apparently, Massive had completely shut down the development of new content for The Division 2 in 2020 and only had to restart now.

The Division 2 is practically dead, brand is so important

Now this is the situation: The brand “The Division” is in a strange situation. Because the “base game” had a boom in March 2020, but it feels like nothing has happened in The Division 2 for months and nothing will happen for a while.

The originally weak sales of The Division 2 caused a stop in the content planning, which players are now sitting out. After “The Warlords of New York” in March 2020, Massive had apparently slowed down the core work on The Division 2 for a long time and only started it up again in March 2021.

The brand “The Division” has become more and more important for Ubisoft in recent years:

  • A Free2Play offshoot is planned: The Division Heartlands
  • And the new shooter XDefiant is based on The Division

It is therefore strategically important for Ubisoft and Massive that The Division 2 gets going again. At the moment it is questionable whether they will succeed in waking the sleeping game again. “The Division 3” has moved a long way off.

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