The Division 2 players now can get baseball-themed skins and more later

The Division 2 players with Twitch Prime now can get baseball-themed skins and more additional stuff later

division loot amazon

The Division 2 now offers exclusive cosmetics to Twitch Prime subscribers. Anyone that pays for the service, which is bundled with Amazon Prime, will get four loot drops, starting with a bundle of sports gear.

You can get the first loot drop by linking your Twitch Prime and Uplay accounts. You get a number of cosmetics for the fictional Washington Spears sports team, including a cap, jacket, shorts and shoes, alongside a baseball catcher’s mask.

division 2 amazon loot

Additional loot for The Division 2 is expected on July 23, August 22 and September 24, so be sure to keep checking back.

Twitch Prime subscribers also will receive ad-free viewing, one channel subscription to use every month, exclusive emoticons and in-game loot, as well as occasional free games.

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