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The Divine Test has returned to Albion Online.

Sandbox Interactive studio announced that since the beginning of August, the Divine Test has returned to Albion Online, thanks to which the conquerors of the fantasy world have a chance to earn several thematic awards.The main one is a white animal floating in the air-a Divine owl, which not only has a decent movement speed, but also due to the skill “Foresight” it is able to use a shield that absorbs incoming damage. In addition, users are waiting for a special avatar frame and chests with decorative items.

Also, the creators announced the start of a new referral season that allows you to get hold of a look that transforms the basic Bystrokogt into a Snow leopard.

By the way, for the game itself, a balanced update of the thirteenth season was released at the end of July, including adjustments to the cursed dungeons, changes to weapons and armor, as well as a number of improvements in the quality of life.

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