The difference between Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Pokémon Go: the whole gameplay or just a hunt?

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a new augmented reality (AR) game for mobile phones is now out, allowing fans of the series to unite together. Many fans have been on a waiting list for the game’s release since November.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite vs. Pokémon Go

The stakes are high for this game. Market insight firm AppAnnie estimates that Wizards Unite will generate $100 million in revenue in its first month. In three years, Pokémon Go which generated $2 billion in revenues.

This is a game that throws a lot of systems at you in the first hour or so, which is a stark contrast from Pokémon GO. Not only is Wizards Unite infinitely more complex than Pokémon GO was at launch, it’s even much more complex than Pokémon GO is after three years of updates. It is, in some ways, refreshing: there’s stuff here for min/maxers to sink their teeth into, and there’s a framework that will support much more advanced gameplay. It is, in other ways, overwhelming.

The joy of Pokémon GO is at times the way the game is able to melt into the background of its own fantasy: you are not “playing Pokémon GO”, you are outside, hunting Pokémon. This game is a lot more present as you play it, building a much more complex world that can at times feel less like an extension of the real world and more like its own thing. This isn’t bad, but it is remarkably different.

Do you think Pokémon GO should borrow some things from Harry Potter: Wizards Unite or vice versa? Live your opinion in comments.

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