The developers of the upcoming Ashes of Creation recently announced that their Alpha One test ends on August 15.

Intrepid Studios, the developers of the upcoming Ashes of Creation, recently announced that their Alpha One test ends on August 15. The team made an announcement on Twitter earlier, noting that the Alpha One test will end on August 15 at 6 o’clock GMT. This follows the start of their Alpha-first, which began back on July 14. This means that the current test will take a little more than one month.

If you are currently in the alpha version, please note that the NDA has been canceled, which allows you to share content and experiences. This follows the partial removal of the NDA, when the verbal NDA was removed, but the visual NDA was still in place.

We had the opportunity to go to the Alpha One preview, which took place on the weekend preceding the Alpha One testing itself. We left impressed with the world, while understanding what was present in relation to combat, search and much more was a placeholder.

More recently, Intrepid Studios continued their ongoing series of guild meetings, in which they asked the community how they resolve conflicts in their respective guilds. Earlier in July, the team announced that they were now securing ownership of the account. This means that Ashes of Creation accounts are non-transferable and as such cannot be sold, sold, donated or transferred for any reason.

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