The developers of STAR CITIZEN told about the changes in piloting.

The team of the Vehicle Experience Studio spoke about the changes that were made.

To start, the cursor hovering settings. From the beginning of alpha 3.10 release, ships that are hovering will accumulate heat and if it is not stopped, it will cause the maneuvering engines to shut down, which will lead to a disaster. VTOL ships will not be freed from the new mechanics, but heat will accumulate more slowly. The option to turn off heat will be introduced later.

Engines will also depend on environmental factors such as wind and the composition of the planet’s atmosphere, among others. The weight of the cargo will also have a significant impact on the ship’s ability to take off on some planets, although the VTOL should not be too much affected by this.

The ship’s guidance systems, which include the im-assist function, will also be improved.

I want to note that the game is still in the alpha version and all updates are under development

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