The developers of Craftopia plan to combine the locations into one open world

Pocketpair has announced a massive Seamless Map Update for the Craftopia sandbox. The patch will connect all locations into one large open world with no downloads.

A seamless map is created by simply stitching together existing biomes, islands, and other areas. The patch is scheduled to be released around the end of this year, but it is also reported that work on optimizations for gaming systems is difficult. In this regard, delays are possible and the postponement of the release of the innovation is not excluded. In addition, the team is working on other features.

Craftopia is an Action RPG with sandbox elements from POCKET PAIR, made in a pleasant anime style. Craftopia offers both single and multiplayer modes, rich crafting options, many monsters and animals, some are even collectible, as well as bosses, dungeons, flights and much more. The game was released in Early Access on September 4, 2020.

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