The Daybreak Games substudio will launch a massive update of the game PlanetSide 2

So, most recently, the wandering planet of games, Dawn of the game substudio, in Planetside 2 announced that they have plans to release a massive update of the game, which is called the destroyed warp gate. This update should be released soon and should include a lot of new material, including a new narrative that will start with the new campaign feature. In the upcoming broadcast, which the developers have planned for 2 PM today, they will tell a little more than we can know. By the way, I’ll attach a teaser just for you. A bit from developers: “This massive game update constantly evolves the war-ravaged battlescapes of PlanetSide 2 through new open-world story campaigns called campaigns, each designed to provide multi-stage changes to the environment and gameplay as players engage in new missions and relive the unfolding story. […] in the first campaign, players will return to the cold tundras of Esamir to explore and fight on a recently devastated land. Players will have to adapt to this harsh new landscape over several chapters as they progress through the story of a catastrophic technological event caused by the explosion of one of the continent’s military Gates.”

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