The command will erase Last Oasis.

So, a tweet from the latest Oasis developer Donkey Crew says that the team will be erasing the game for a while on Friday, March 26, to make some changes.

These changes, which will be implemented in Last Oasis, have not yet been described in detail, but there was a brief mention of fundamental changes in the structure of the game, and the beginning of Season 3 was heading to the game in the next update. The erasure comes on the heels of the latest team fix, which fixed several issues with the move keys and several issues with the user interface, which was part of a larger UI update that came out in the game on March 4. Donkey Crew, when releasing the UI update, informed players that the UI would be broken and would require repairs within a few fixes.

In fact, the Last Oasis went into early access on steam on March 26, 2020, after a closed beta period that began in late 2019. According to the team, they expect the game to continue in an early access state for two years as they improve the game through community feedback.

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