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The Cloud Imperium is holding a Pride Month celebration.

So, a new week, a new weekly schedule, all new for the Star Citizen. Here’s what you can expect to see in the Cloud Imperium community this week for all things Star Citizen.In case you missed it, the Cloud Imperium is holding a Pride Month celebration throughout the month. This holiday is called “Show Us Your Colors”, and if you want to participate, all you have to do is send a screenshot, create a postcard, bake a cake, or do anything else to show the team your holiday during Pride Month. Oh, and make it as colorful as possible.

Also, the Star Citizen 2021 cosplay contest is currently taking place, which will allow you to showcase your skills by presenting videos and images of your cosplays. Most importantly, the winners will be announced during the all-digital CitizenCon on October 9.

  • To the schedule. Today, Tuesday, the Narrative Team will share a look at Admiral Marlin, including her role and involvement in what happened to UEES Flyssa. The Gatac Railen Q & A will be released on Wednesday. If you have asked a question, I hope you will see a response from the development team to your request about the Xi’an cargo ship.
  • Thursday will be the Quarterly season finale for Inside Star Citizen. In this final episode, the team will dive into what it takes to bring Orison back to life. They will also share details on what you can expect in Star CitizenAlpha 3.14 in their patch report.
  • Finally, on Friday, you’ll see a weekly repository update in addition to the new newsletter. Guests this week include Star Citizen Live Director Todd Papi and Star Citizen Art Director Ian Leyland to discuss Alpha 3.14 on Star Citizen Live.

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