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The Christmas truce in EVE Online.

So, as it became known, the current war in EVE Online took a truce for a short period of time. In short, both sides agreed on a truce for the upcoming Christmas holidays.

As stated, according to a report by Kotaku’s Lee Yancey, the main players on the two sides of the conflict, the thug Federation and the test Alliance, have begun laying the groundwork for a truce, allowing their pilots to focus on friends and family during the holidays.

This war has been going on for more than six months and a new truce may give tired fighters a chance to take a much-needed break, recharge and return to the next major battle rested and ready for battle. The war, in which the Goonswarm Imperium allies lost a lot of territory to the test Alliance in the fight, also set two Guinness world records for the largest PvP battles in video game history.

So, the Christmas truce simply dictates that offensive battles will not be fought by either side during the duration of the truce. This doesn’t stop one side from fighting a defensive battle or, like all things EVE Online, allows one side to defend itself if the other decides to break the truce and attack En force.

I hope that none of the parties will break this truce and everyone will finally relax from the constant stress and tension in this war.

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