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The bots from Battlefield 2042 are either stupid or better than agents from the Matrix

Bots are an integral part of the multiplayer of Battlefield 2042. You can run into them again and again in the Open Beta. These encounters take place very differently, sometimes they are invincible, sometimes incredibly stupid. One case is very reminiscent of the movie “The Matrix”.

What’s up with the bots? The main function of the bots in Battlefield 2042 is to fill the seats in the matches that are not occupied by players. So if you end up on an empty server, for example, you will still encounter enemy AI opponents in a game.

According to the feedback from previous players, these bots are still very immature. Often they behave sluggishly and stupidly and they caused ridiculous situations, especially in the early access phase. For example, they use vehicles like tanks, but hardly hit their opponents and only block them for their “real” teammates.

But a case of the player TGehT11 shows that they are also capable of unbelievable moves that are otherwise only known from the Matrix. Bots are “out of control” – dodging bullets and trolling their opponents.

What can you see in the clip? The player is in a tunnel when he comes across an AI opponent. TGehT11 actually missed him a shot, but the bot simply “jumps” into the air at lightning speed and without any animation, and thus simply dodges the ball.

After this crazy jump, the bot runs towards the player and simply “knives” him over. This reminds a bit of a scene from Matrix, where the characters can just dodge gunshots.

Many players are amused by the changeable behavior of the bots and also draw other comparisons to other figures from pop culture such as Jason Bourne or Aang from Avatar, the Lord of the Elements.

In another situation, a player was killed by a bot and he probably became outrageous in his victory. In any case, he crouches over the corpse of his victim and unpacks the classic Teabag move that players usually use to troll their opponents. On good days, the bots can not only act as a buffer until real players join the game, they can actually do something.

Even if the matrix jump looks more like a glitch than the intended behavior of the AI. Developer DICE will have to adjust it until the release of Battlefield 2042.

Until then, however, you can familiarize yourself with the bots yourself in the Open Beta, provided that your sessions are not filled with players.

What else are bots good for in Battlefield 2042? As far as we know so far, players will also be able to create their own games with bots and are therefore not forced to compete against other players.

They will probably also play a big role in “Hazard Zone” mode, if you can believe the leaks so far. Because so far EA has not yet presented the mode in more detail.

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