The Black Desert Online Cherry Blossom Festival.

If your Black Desert Online is on Xbox or Playstation consoles, then Cherry Blossom Festival is currently taking place for your platforms. If you want to participate, here are some details.

The event period will last until the following dates, depending on the region.

  • NA: May 5 04: 59 PM (PDT)
  • EU: May 6 12:59 (UTC+1)
  • ASIA: May 6 08: 59 AM (GMT+9)
    In addition, the Rise of Cherry Blossoms event also continues, although this event ends a little earlier:
  • ON: April 27 Before Maintenance
  • EU: April 28 Before Maintenance
  • ASIA: April 28 Before Maintenance

The third event is the Cherry Blossom Fragrance, which should end on these dates:

  • NA: May 5 04: 59 PM (PDT)
  • EU: May 6 12:59 (UTC+1)
  • ASIA: May 6 08: 59 AM (GMT+9)
    You can find the full details and rewards for these events here. In related Black Desert news, the game is actually free for an Amazon Prime member until May 5. If you are a core member and are interested in checking out the game, you are welcome to join.

In the console space, the Sage class appeared on these platforms recently. By the way, “The Wise Man” may be Bradford’s favorite pastime.

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