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The birthday World of Warcraft was postponed.

So, I think many people were waiting and wanted to see the 16th anniversary of World of Warcraft, then I have not very good news for you. The birthday was moved to November 1.

Well, to put it briefly, this event will be held from 1 to 22 November. It will end one day before the start of Shadowlands, which will start on November 23. before all this, we wanted to hold the event from November 16 to 30, as it seemed that due to the new release date of Shadowlands Blizzard shifted the dates of the anniversary event.

If you missed it, you can read the comments of the game Director ion Hazzikostas about the time of the RAID. Recall that December 8 is the date of the RAID “castle of sodium”, which takes players to the heart of the lair of ser Denatrius in Revendret. This date also marks the start of the first season of Shadowlands.

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