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The biggest update for Genshin Impact.

Well, miHoYo is launching the biggest update for Genshin Impact, which will bring with it a new region, NPCs and much more in the RPG.The upcoming version 2.0, called “The Immobile God and the Eternal Euphemia” (say, 5 times faster), brings with it the newest area of Genshin’s influence, Inazuma. This region is strongly inspired by Japan, the trailer shows tall, strong Japanese-style castles, shipwrecked beaches, and much more.

According to a press release sent this morning by miHoYo:

“Unlike Mondstadt and Liue, Inazuma is surrounded by the sea on all sides and consists of six main islands, often accompanied by strong sea breezes and thunderstorms. Although Inazuma is strongly influenced by fleeting lightning and an electric element, the Electroarchon ruling this area has turned to the pursuit of eternity. Throughout the Inazuma adventure, players will be able to explore unique cultural landscapes, stories, secrets and historical connections with Inazuma and Electroarchon on each of the different islands, as well as answers to eternity from Electroarchon herself.”

Naturally, the Gensin Impact 2.0 update delivers the long-awaited and much-desired cross-saving between different versions of the RPG. Now there will be the possibility of cross-saving between the versions of Gensin Impact for PlayStation 4, PS5, PC, Android and iOS, keeping all your successes and achievements to yourself, no matter where you enter the RPG.You can check out the new zone and update it on July 21, when it will appear on all platforms.


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