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The beta of Battlefield 2042 possibly starts next week

After it was last quiet about the beta of Battlefield 2042, a new leak with a release date has now appeared. Apparently it should start next week, tomorrow (September 29th) we may find out more.

What kind of leak is that? The information comes from the Chinese side Bilibili. This is a large, well-known website in China that specializes in comics, video games, and other content.

Live streams are also shown there. Now, Battlefield 2042 recently got its own livestream page and a date for the beta was revealed as well.

When should the beta start? The Battlefield beta is said to run from October 6th to October 9th. We currently do not know to what extent the early access phase is included in this period.

If the information is correct, the beta will start next week. As always, you should be careful with leaks. Even if the information comes from official sources, things can still change. As long as publisher EA or DICE do not comment on it, nothing can be regarded as confirmed.

The date fits in with the previous revelations from insider Tom Henderson, who also comments on Twitter.

Battlefield 2042 Open Beta date to be revealed tomorrow

When is the announcement? According to Henderson, a new trailer for Battlefield including confirmation of the beta date will be released tomorrow, September 29th.

What is it about the date? This is currently difficult to assess. The Beta of Battlefield 2042 was originally supposed to appear in September, but an exact time frame has still not been announced.

The release of Battlefield 2042 has been postponed in the meantime, which probably also applies to the beta. Since then there has not been a statement from EA.

However, Bilibili is very well known in China and also has an official site for Battlefield 2042. Thus, the leak should at least not have been made out of thin air.

The information also coincides with the insider information from Tom Henderson, who has already mentioned a similar date several times as a new release. Henderson has historically been a trusted source and got it right with numerous revelations about Battlefield 2042.

Accordingly, the beta could appear next week and the announcement should be made tomorrow, on September 29th. Brace yourself for a lot of cool stuff like exotic weapons in D2 and a lot more.

What would the date mean? If the timeframe mentioned by Bilibili is correct, the Battlefield 2042 beta would be relatively short. According to this, early access players would have around 4 days, while the other participants would have 2 days to test.

By comparison, the Call of Duty: Vanguard Beta was available to all players from September 18-22. They could gamble for up to 4 days without an extra pre-order or the like. Initially, however, only 2 days were planned for the open beta, which increased to 4 days after an extension.

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