The banwave drama of Black Desert Online in nutshell.

The banwave drama of Black Desert Online as is.

Last week became fatal for cheaters and hackers infesting The new Black Desert Online Battle Royale game mode- Shadow Arena.

Kakao Games banned all of them. There were nearly 900 accounts shuted down by Kakao last Wednesday as part of their commitment to keeping the game clean. Unfortunately, some innocent accounts were also put to ban. The developers quickly cancelled false positive bans last Friday, anyway a huge amount of probably innocent players still stay banned.

The next day, Kakao also unbanned more wrongfully flagged players only to shut down more than 370 more accounts on the same day. They explain the reasons for the large number of false bans in a forum post over the weekend:

“With our recent attempts to combat the prevalent use of third party software, we attempted to strengthen our criteria to provide a better environment for our adventurers. However, many accounts were incorrectly banned due to an error in the data. We unbanned the ones we initially verified on 28th March and have been reviewing the full data since then. [. . .] We understand that our mistake has caused high amounts of stress and we sincerely apologise for the error. We promise to improve our internal procedures to prevent such issues. Compensation to all wrongly affected adventurers will be sent shortly, and again, we are deeply sorry for the confusion and inconvenience that we have caused.”

Anyway, there are still some players claiming that they were banned by mistake. Probably there can be another round of unbanning and banning, we will see. We’ll keep you informed as more of that event unfolds. Let us know if you have any thoughts in the comments section below.


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