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The awakening of Nova.

Pearl Abyss posted a video of Nova’s abilities from Black Desert in traditional and awakened stands. As with other classes, these racks are strikingly different, offering completely different gameplay per character. The update is scheduled for release on January 6.

In the traditional stance, Nova will be able to summon the King of the Dead in exchange for her knights and some health. Minion complements her skills, and also has a vampiric, restoring Nova’s health and stamina. He can also fall into a kind of berserk state when his mistress has little health.

In the awakened stance, Nova fights with a Sting in her hand, which can also transform into a scythe for massive attacks. In this rack, Nova collects the “Star Breath” resource, which makes her skills even more powerful. This is a very mobile rack, radically different from the standard one.

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