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The “Awakening Flame” add-on for The Elder Scrolls.

So, a completely new chapter of the plot “Oblivion Gate” is just around the corner: the addition “Awakening Flame” for the  The Elder Scrolls Online from ZeniMax Online Studios and Bethesda Softworks is already installed on the PTS. To Buy ESO Gold click here.

In the chapter “Black Forest”, the players failed to finish off the Prince of Destruction, and he continues to gain strength. Now the daredevils are waiting for new challenges in the dungeons “Terrible Basement” (once a prison for the most dangerous criminals of the Empire, from which a mysterious magical energy began to emanate) and “The Stronghold of the Scarlet Petal” (previously the knights of the Silver Rose were the defenders of Tamriel, but now they have got into the habit of robbing temples).The developers will reveal details in the coming months, but the lead designer of the battles, Mike Finnigan, showed the upcoming content as part of the ESO Live broadcast. At the same time, you should expect a free update 31 with fixes, improved performance, a response function for in – game mail and replenishment of the crown store-houses, furnishings and guests will be added to it.

The Waking Flame add-on for The Elder Scrolls Online will be released on PC on August 23, and on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S-on August 31. 

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