The Ascent: Preload phase for the Cyberpunk Diablo has begun

The development studio Neon Giant has given the go-ahead for the preload phase of the action role-playing game The Ascent. Accordingly, you can download all important files in advance on both the PC and the Xbox consoles.

The release of the action role-playing game The Ascent, often referred to as “Cyberpunk Diablo” or “Isometric Outriders“, is getting closer and closer. However, you don’t have to wait until July 29, 2021 to prepare for the launch. The Neon Giant development studio recently gave the go-ahead for the preload phase.

So you can already download all the important files from The Ascent in advance on both the PC and the Xbox consoles. However, the preload is not available on Steam, the PC version can currently only be downloaded from the Windows Store. Incidentally, it has a total size of 28.76 gigabytes, so it provides enough free hard disk space. The Xbox version of the action role-playing game, on the other hand, only weighs a little more than 17 gigabytes in the preview version. The reason for this large difference is not yet known. Incidentally, all those who decide early receive a discount of ten percent on the purchase price – both on the PC and on the Xbox platforms. So it is definitely worth it if you decide to buy now.

Neon Giant is a relatively young development studio that was only founded in Sweden in 2018. The pillars of the company include Tor Frick, Arcade Berg, Jonathan Heckley and Erik Gloersen, who previously worked on games such as Gears of War, Far Cry 3 and Bulletstorm. There should therefore be no lack of experience in the field of action-oriented games.

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