Dance like a sabotender in the annual Final Fantasy XIV Make It Rain event!

make it rain ffxiv

What about a new Final Fantasy XIV event? Starting on June 6th you can participate in the annual Make It Rain event, and there’s plenty to be excited about. For exaple, dancing like a sabotender, if you prefer, but that’s just the big event reward; the Gold Saucer has lots of rewards on deck for everyone.

Make It Rain

“These are just a few reasons to visit the Gold Saucer during the Make It Rain Campaign! The Gold Saucer is conveniently located less than 90 minutes from wherever you are… or probably even less if you use an Aetheryte to teleport to here…

Gold Saucer! Good times!”

You also can buy the Gold Saucer minigame furnishings and select other rewards from the event vendor, and everything will be awarding a chunk of additional MGP along the way.

The Make it Rain Campaigns starts on Thursday, June 6th and lasts till Monday, June 24th. What are you waiting for?! Go make some money!

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