The annual Egg Hunt of Final Fantasy XI hits on April 15

Final Fantasy XI egg hunt

The time is coming for the dwellers of Vana’diel to walk around in desperate hopes of finding a set of eggs that decodes important words like “BUTTS” or “TRAIN,” because Final Fantasy XI’s Egg Hunt reaches to us again on April 15th. As with prior updates, you can sell some eggs to get a lettered egg, and you can then work extra time to line up the eggs that spell out the first three letters of your name in the game, your first initial and the next seven alphabetical letters, or seven of the same egg.

You can also spell out some rewarded words, despite those words are only hints and need researching. Sure you always can just look for the letters to spell out “BUTTS” and get no rewards, which doesn’t worth that funny for 5 grader move. Anyway, the event goes live on April 15th, so if you’re up to spell something you’re gotta start up next week.

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