The announcement of the third expansion of Guild Wars 2.

ArenaNet continues to prepare for the announcement of the third expansion of Guild Wars 2, which will take place in a month. In the meantime, the developers offer players to get acquainted with the previous seasons of living history.

From June 29 to August 10, you will have the opportunity to open all episodes of season 3 for free. The chapters will be available in chronological order. To unlock each episode, just log in to the game for a week. However, it is worth considering, although season 3 will be distributed for free, it will require the first addition of the game Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.

Also, the developers are preparing a large number of new achievements, the implementation of which will be the first stage on the way to the legendary weapons of the next generation. I advise you not to miss such a great chance to get acquainted with the events of season 3 of living history and earn unique rewards.



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