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The announcement of the third expansion of Guild Wars 2.

Well, there is a full preparation for the announcement of the third supplement Guild Wars 2 is in full swing. Once again, players can take advantage of a special offer to get acquainted with the events of season 3 of living history.

This week you can get “The Head of the Snakeā€for free. Until July 26, it will be unlocked for everyone who just enters the game. However, to complete episode 4 of season 3 of Living History, you will still need the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns add-on. In addition, the developers have added a large number of new achievements. After completing them, you will receive an item for creating legendary weapons of the next generation.

And from July 23 to July 30, ArenaNet Studio will launch a special bonus for the WvW mode. Players will receive a 100% bonus to the experience they receive, 25% to the progress of rewards, as well as a 50% increase to the magic find parameter.

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