The allhallows event is hosted by Albion Online.

So, Albion Online is hosting its annual Allhallows event, inviting players to join in on some Halloween-themed content with some scary good rewards. The event will last until November 4, so players will have to cheer up.

During the entire event, players will automatically receive an additional 25% of glory for all actions, except for PvP kills and insight volumes. In addition to all this, and to increase the glory, the Sacred dungeon has also returned and will finally appear randomly in all zones T4-T8, for this you just need to look for portals with a pumpkin theme.

There were also some changes that were made compared to the previous sacred land dungeon, as players will now be able to do solo dungeons as well as party ones. Will you have everything you need to defeat Bob, the boss of the creepy encounter. If it’s been a while since you jumped into Albion Online, take a look at what the team did with some recent update notes and an explanation of the manual cluster queue priority system.

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