The Albion Online team recalled the rules.

The Albion Online game team was able to provide us with a reminder of the rules for multiple user accounts. Actually, because of what?

Multiple accounts are actually allowed within the rules, but using multiple user accounts outside of these rules is called a “multi-account” command. And this is unacceptable. An accompanying post on the forum contained a reminder of what is forbidden, including:

  • Participating in PvP with both accounts in the open world
  • Using an account as a ” bait’
  • As for what is allowed, you can use both characters on your game island to harvest the farm.
  • You can also have both characters collecting multiple clusters, but only if they are not neighboring clusters.
  • Scouting entrances to dungeons or clusters for the main account (also called ‘ Alt-scouting’).
  • Finally, you can have each character in a different city if you want to look at different market prices.

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