Todd Howard hopes that the sixth part of The Elder Scrolls will live for a decade

the elder scrolls sixth

As Todd Howard, Bethesda’s Game Studios’ boss said in recent interview, The Elder Scrolls VI is designed “for people to play for a decade at least.”

Skyrim & Part VI

Well, considering that many people still plays the fifth chapter launched in 2011, no doubts, Bethesda can repeat the success.

“People are still playing Skyrim; it’s still one of the best-selling games. I know people joke about it online, but it’s one of the best-selling games on Switch. Anything we put it out on, it becomes a hit game. And they love it; it’s almost infinitely playable, all of the mods and everything like that,”

Also Howard mentioned on this interview that the sixth part is going to the next-gen platforms. Which platforms it will be is unknown yet.

The game now is in development and won’t be available for a few years. However, Howard’s comment about designing The Elder Scrolls VI to be playable for a decade can turn out to be a hint as to when we can expect it. If so, the 6th part’s release should happen somewhere in 2021.

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