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The 6.250 beta for Crowfall is finally working.

So, the 6.250 beta for Crowfall is finally working. Called  Carnage, the update gives you access to another world called the HungerDome, which is the home of the War of the Throne Arena.

The team shared the archetypes of players available for this arena.In short, the HungerDome will feature 12 teams of five players who compete to win before the world is actually destroyed.

These fights will last 30 minutes with a fairly typical “last man standing”setup. HungerDome will also include matchmaking for both formed teams and pugs. Carnage will also include several new features and quality-of-life improvements.This includes craft factories that will allow you to produce weapons, armor, and tools. QoL improvements include a better player compass, new import rules for the Dregs campaign, and a quick player-to-player trading system.

I advise you to expect significant progress in the strategic maps for the Scum and the Infected, in addition to several power and balance updates. J. Todd Coleman, co-founder and creative director of Crowfall, provided additional information in an accompanying press release:

“The Carnage update is another significant step forward on our path to launch. By adding short session team qualifiers to our already strong lineup of time-limited and perpetual campaigns, Crowfall now covers the full range of PvP battles for players-from a few hours to a few months to many years.”

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