Test the “Amaranth Scum” campaign in Crowfаll.

It became known that the “Amaranth Scum” campaign is being tested in Crowfall. The players still have a few days in order to have time to jump in there and check everything out on their own.

This test is scheduled to end on March 11 at 11 pm ET. Additional information was provided on import, export and win conditions, which will include 50 imported embrago and 50 export embrago.

These victory conditions still revolve around conquest points. The guild that earns the most conquest points by the end of the challenge will be crowned the winner. In addition, any additional rewards will be given to the best guilds, including their members, for getting the highest scores in several categories. These categories include Fame, Wealth, and Power. One last note: You must be level 25 or higher to enter the campaign.

In addition, there have also recently been Q & A sessions in which co-founder and creative director J. R. R. Tolkien wrote: Todd Coleman, design Director Thomas Blair, and chief designer Rhea Shelley provided an update on what’s next for the game, in addition to reviewing the roadmap.

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