TERA’s Undying Update is set to arrive today.

If you missed an important news item, here it is. TERA’s Undying Update is set to arrive today, September 8.

In the update, we will have a new boss of the forbidden arena. 2 versions of this arena will be added with the participation of the immortal warlord and the nightmare immortal warlord. Defeating these bosses will give you a chance to win the strongest warlord’s earrings, sharp warlord’s earrings,or warlord’s Hoop.

Along with this, the kezzel gorge must be returned, but this time it will be a level 68 dungeon. It will also include Koleogg tokens as a possible drop. You can use these tokens to exchange weapon scrolls and giant armor, partner: Dopey Cocomin, pet snacks, or evolution cores.

In addition, this event will be held from September 11 to 13, where you can experience a 30% increase in success in upgrading equipment and enchantment. In addition, the hunt for fragments of Devan Segritto will take place from September 8 to October 6. These will include Vanguard requests as you hunt for Devan fragments to create charming supplies, rare map fragments, and more.

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