TERA will launch in South Korea on smartphones this summer, aside from Netmarble’s TERA M

tera classic

If you’re a TERA fan happens in South Korea, there’s a good news for you. Aside from already running on mobile TERA M by Netmarble, another mobile version will be out to your smartphone.

TERA Classic

The title was called TERA Classic, but it tells you a whole different story with a different progression. Although, the mobile version inherited all the rest from the original game. Developer Longtu Korea wants to “faithfully reproduce” the features of TERA Online: the all huge universe, guild content, team play and non-target fights.

The game is scheduled to launch somewhere in summer. Unfortunately for the folks not located in South Korea, the game won’t come to other countries, at least there are no such plans yet.

Kakao Games also released a cinematic teaser,  that you can watch below.

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